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The Ultimate Halloween Sweet: Crunchy Coconut Chocolate Pumpkins

Introducing Crunchy Coconut Chocolate Pumpkins, a mouthwatering snack perfect for Halloween. Imagine the richness of dark chocolate, the creaminess of white chocolate, and the tropical crunch of our Organic Paleo Thin Coconut Flakes—all spiced up with a tart raspberry kick. Sound good? Let's dive in and get melting, mixing, and munching! 🎃🍫


    Supplies: Pumpkin candy mold


    1. Melt It: Follow the package directions to melt both the white and dark chocolate.
    2. Coconut Coating: Crush the coconut flakes into small pieces. Divide them in half and mix them into each type of melted chocolate until the flakes are fully coated.
    3. Dark Chocolate Layer: Pour the dark chocolate and coconut flake mixture directly into the pumpkin candy mold.
    4. White Chocolate Layer: For the white chocolate, fill the mold halfway with the mixture. Add a spoonful of crushed, dehydrated raspberries. Cover the raspberries with another layer of the white chocolate mixture.
    5. Refrigerate: Place the mold in the fridge for about 20 minutes, or until the chocolate hardens.
    6. Serve and Enjoy: Once they're ready, pop these beauties out of the mold and let the taste testing begin!

      Why is it Good for You?

      Wondering what’s behind the deliciousness of our Crunchy Coconut Chocolate Pumpkins? Let's break down their nutritional awesomeness:

      • Coconut Boost: The Organic Paleo Thin Coconut Flakes from Julian Bakery are a tasty fiber-rich addition that also supply healthy fats.
      • Dark Chocolate Perks: Loaded with antioxidants, dark chocolate can be a heart-healthy choice when consumed in moderation.
      • Raspberry Rewards: Those dehydrated raspberries bring more than tartness to the party. They're also packed with vitamins and fiber.

          So there you have it—a delicious, seasonal treat that's good for your taste buds and your body. Get ready to be the hit of the Halloween party! 🎃🍫

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