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StayThin® Protein Bar Peanut Butter Egg White

StayThin® Protein Bar Peanut Butter Egg White

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Who knew peanut butter could be this good for you? Our StayThin® Peanut Butter Egg White protein bars are here to make your snack time yummy, protein-rich, and utterly satisfying!

Claims per serving

• Calories: 170
• Protein: 20g
• Net Carbs: 3g
• Sugar: 1g


• Egg White Powder
• Organic Roasted Peanut Butter/Halves
• Organic Soluble Dextrin Fiber (Tapioca) (IMO Free)
• Organic Monk Fruit


Eggs | Peanuts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert B Greenslade
Your protein Bars

Have one every day after hiking when I get back to the car...always look forward to it when getting close to finishing the hike.

Kristine armitage
Espresso bars are the bomb!!!!

My go to treat! Love the flavor and texture.
I cut a box at a time for home snacks Each bar creates 8 pieces and packed in a freezer safe container. When I travel it is usually 2 or 4 meal or sometimes both.
Keep making these - miss the coconut bars 😞

Cameron Taylor
Best Protein Bars

These protein bars are the best! Tasty. Low cal, and the ingredients are simply and don't upset my stomach. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a simple and effective protein bar.

Kim Bloom
Always a quick delivery!

These are one of the only bars I eat as many others have more food allergens.

Shell M
Delicious protein bars

I've tried 4 flavors, all good but by far the Pegan Thin peanut with egg white protein is my favorite. This brand is only one I like that doesn't have sugar alcohol and Monk fruit sweetner doesn't upset my stomach.

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