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PeganThin® Protein Bar Chocolate Lava

PeganThin® Protein Bar Chocolate Lava

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Meet the ultimate sweet treat that's kind to your health: our PeganThin® Protein Bar Chocolate Lava. It's a perfect harmony of deliciousness and wellness!

Claims per serving

• Calories: 190
• Protein: 20g
• Net Carbs: 1g
• Sugar: 1g


• Organic Sacha Inchi
• Organic Soluble Dextrin Fiber (Tapioca) (IMO Free)
• Organic Sunflower Butter
• Organic Cacao
• Organic Natural Chocolate Flavor
• Organic Monk Fruit Extract
• Bacillus Coagulans (Probiotics)


(This product contains no allergens recognized by the FDA).

Made in a facility that processes eggs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Amy Demuth
My favorite bar of all time!

I love these bars, and make sure to never even get close to running out. I was a loyal consumer of all the pegan bars back in the day, and really miss the cinnamon vanilla twist and sun butter as wel(hint, hint!)—- but am so grateful the chocolate lava bars remain.
They are soft and sweet,- satisfy my chocolate cravings. I love the ingredients- they’re great to be able to rely on when I’m away from home.
10/10 recommend!

Wow, favorite of all time? That's huge! We're thrilled that the Chocolate Lava Bars are a hit with you. Your nostalgia for the pegan bars is duly noted – a little hint taken! Thanks for the high recommendation and for being such a loyal customer. ❤️

Elena Romm
I always love it.

Dear Julian Bakery,
I am your very old customer. I especially love your ProGranola cereal, and Espresso thin bars. I actually have a question to you about the latest box of Espresso bars.
They are different than usual. The shape is wider, the texture is softer. It no longer feels like caramelized long lasting self. Ingredients listed are the same. Did you change the texture deliberately, or is it the unintentional mistake of a particular batch?
Elena Romm

Hello Elena! Thank you very much for your comments.

We want to inform you that the formula of our protein bar remains the same. However, we have made a change in the way one of the ingredients is processed. Previously, we used a standard egg white protein powder, but now we are using a more agglomerated version of the same product. This change was implemented based on feedback we received regarding the bar becoming too hard over time. This does not affect the nutritional values of the protein.

By using the more agglomerated version of the egg white protein powder, we expect the bar to have improved stability and texture over time. We understand that this change also affects the flavor of the bar, and we highly value your feedback in this regard. Thank you for letting us know your thoughts as we strive to provide the best possible product.

Eula Moffett

Everything I ordered tasted good!

Thank you for choosing our products; we're overjoyed that you're pleased with your order! ❤️

Eula Moffett

Everything I ordered tasted good!

Thank you for choosing our products; we're overjoyed that you're pleased with your order! ❤️

Dennis D
A new king is born

Ordered 2 boxes of these choco lava bars out of curiousity. I was sure they'd be good but nothing could have prepared me for just how perfect a creation Julian formulated. So we know the general consistency of their other bars is similar to taffy- which I don't mind at all, but these are more of a firm soft-chew. Couldn't ask for more here. As for taste, the chocolate flavoris just right. Love that it is integrated into the mix and not a coating. First experience with Sacha Inchi protein and it isn't noticably flavorful on it's own but in this bar is one of the very best experiences I've ever had. I would buy it on its own to test it out but no point now that I'm going to be a lifelong consumer of Julian's lava bars.

Thank you for trying our Chocolate Lava bars and sharing your experience! We're delighted to have exceeded your expectations.⭐️ It's fantastic to hear that you've become a lifelong fan of our lava bars. We appreciate your support!

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