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PaleoThin® Protein Bar Espresso

PaleoThin® Protein Bar Espresso

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Need a pick-me-up? Our PaleoThin® Bar Espresso is the protein boost that tastes just like your favorite coffeehouse espresso!

Claims per serving

• Calories: 120
• Protein: 20g
• Net Carbs: 2g
• Sugar: 2g


• Egg White Powder
• Organic Sunflower Seed Butter
• Organic Soluble Dextrin Fiber (Tapioca) (IMO Free)
• MCT Powder (Coconut)
• AAKG, L-Arginine, Expresso Flavor Extract
• Organic Colombian Coffee (ground)
• Organic Green Coffee Bean Extract
• ProDURA (Bacillus Coagulans: Probiotic)
• PurCaf Organic Caffeine (From Green Coffee Bean)
• Monk Fruit Extract


Eggs | Coconut | Caffeine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laurie Moses

Love the macros on these bars. So easy to throw in my bag and enjoy on the go.

David Margiott
Awesome Bars

These are great bars for people with extreme diets. I am Gluten Free, Dairy Free, ~ Grain Free, and because of Kidney Stones, I have to eat food low in Oxalates. For treats I eat DF Yogurt and Julian Bars!

Kimberly Knauf
Top Notch Service

Julian Bakery products are everything a heath conscious person could dream of. High protein, high quality whey, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, with lots of fiber. Digests well, tastes great, and provides long lasting energy.

Love this bar

My very favorite protein bar.

Ms. Diane F. Dillon
Good brand, good taste, good value - try them.

This has been my go-to bar with my morning coffee for years. They are best warmed up. I keep one on top of my cable modem which gives off a lot of heat - you could warm for 9 seconds in a microwave. I would buy them on a subscription basis if they offered it. Perfect for the Keto diet.

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