Pegan® Protein Powder : Triple Chocolate 2 pack

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  • Organic Sacha Inchi Protein (Complete Protein) Ideal For Lean Muscle Development
  • Vegan/Paleo/Keto Protein Compliant Sweetened With Monk Fruit
  • 5g Fiber Per Scoop (6 Net Carbs) (Nut Free) Delicious Sweet Chocolate Taste
  • Easy To Digest Very Allergen Friendly (Made In Dedicate Gluten Free Facility)
  • Chocolate Nutty taste ideal for any sort of smoothy, Protein Supple (IKDiet Compliant)

2 2 lbs (20 Servings) For a total of 4 lbs and 40 servings


Pegan® Protein Powder ( Triple Chocolate Protein Powder ) is the first pure sourced complete protein that is both Vegan & Paleo (Seed Protein). The organic sacha inchi seed protein is highly digestive and contains 60% complete protein (contains all muscle building aminos), with all the essential amino acids your body needs. This novel, natural protein has a delicious vanilla cinnamon flavor, making it a great stand-alone protein powder for smoothies or the perfect ingredient for bars, desserts, or baking. It’s sweetened with monk fruit which is the cleanest zero glycemic sweetener on the market that also promotes optimal health. Because of the amino acid profile in this blend it’s also ideal for the Keto diet. 

One of the worst things about other vegan proteins is the gritty taste and consistency when consuming. We worked for along time to find a silky consistency and delicious taste that is ideal for all to consume. In fact I had an excellent helper when formulating this my 4yr old daughter who very accurate when sampling all my formulas.

One great thing about this protein powder is it’s also infused with vegan/non-dairy probiotics to aid in digestion and optimal health.

20g Protein Per Scoop (44g Scoop) (2o Servings)
Complete Protein With A Full Amino Acid Profile
Paleo/Vegan/ Pegan™ Compliant
Packaged In A Dedicated Gluten Free Facility
Nut Free & Gluten Free 


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