Pegan Thin® Protein Bars | Ginger Snap Cookie | Organic | 1 Net Carb | Keto|Paleo|VeganⓋ 12 Bars - Julian Bakery

Pegan Thin® Protein Bars | Ginger Snap Cookie | Organic | 1 Net Carb | Keto|Paleo|VeganⓋ 12 Bars

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After two years in development we are so proud to launch the first (non-gritty), gluten free, soy free, Vegan & Paleo, Pegan Thin® Protein Bar that is made with 98% Organic Ingredients. This delicious protein bar is soft, creamy, delicious, ginger snap cookie taste with just the right amount of sweetness to truly satisfy your hunger and that sweet tooth at the same time. This yummy bar packs 20g of organic seed protein from organic Pumpkin Seeds that have a complete amino acid profile ideal for building lean muscle or aiding in your weight loss or maintenance goal in conjunction with exercise.

This Pegan® Protein Bar has 170 Calories,  1 Net Carbs (Almost All Carbs Are From Fiber) No Added Sugar Sweetened w/Monk Fruit and contains no sugar alcohols, corn, dairy or any junk. Every ingredient was hand picked to promote optimal health while still tasting amazing.

(Note Packaging May Vary : Previously Pegan Protein Bar Now Pegan Thin) (USDA Certified Organic : Some Packaging May Not Be Updated Yet)

8 reviews for Pegan Thin® Protein Bars | Ginger Snap Cookie | Organic | 1 Net Carb | Keto|Paleo|VeganⓋ 12 Bars

  1. Kelly Williams (verified owner)

    This taste just like a ginger snap cookie. It was really good and I plan to orde more

  2. ebagnardi (verified owner)

    Really love taste and texture

  3. Elicia Bagnardi (verified owner)

    I LOVE these bars. The gingerbread taste is spot on and the I prefer the texture of these over the other bars. I also really like the sunflower protein bars. No added chemicals or sugars. LOVE THEM

  4. Kyla

    Ginger snap is my favorite cookie and so I was hesitant to try this bar…. BUUUUUT it’s incredible:)))

  5. Gail (verified owner)

    Love these really yummy protein bars! Ginger snaps have always been o e of my favorite cookies, so to find this delicious flavor in a healthy protein bar is wonderful. I love several other flavors as well. 👍👍💜

  6. Wendy

    These are honestly really tasty!! I originally tried the vanilla cinnamon twist flavor and it was good. But then I tried chocolate lava and did not like that one. The company kindly let me return the in-eaten chocolate bars and sent me a new box of my flavor choice which was the ginger snap cookie. I warmed it up for 8 secs in the microwave and it was like a warm ginger snap cookie!!

  7. (verified owner)

    Excellent tasting bars – taste just like gingerbread cookies! Great product minimal ingredients and great price! I have bought these bars numerous times and will continue to do so! Great product and service – don’t stop making these bars!

  8. Ryan DeFilippo (verified owner)

    Oh wow, these are rockin! I have always ordered the Sunflower Butter and Peanut Butter. Definitely a new fav.. The texture is slightly fluffier! Mmmm, and tatses just like a ginger snap cookie, nails the sweet craving, without being too sweet.

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