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Pegan Thin® Protein Bar Vanilla Cinnamon Twist, 12 Bars

Pegan Thin® Protein Bar Vanilla Cinnamon Twist offer the perfect blend of sweet and spice that’s perfect for breakfast, between meals or an after-dinner treat. They’re paleo- and vegan-friendly so you know you’re filling your body with high quality, guilt-free ingredients.

13 reviews for Pegan Thin® Protein Bar Vanilla Cinnamon Twist, 12 Bars
  1. K

    K. T.

    Fantastic bar! I eat them in the morning with my bulletproof coffee and I’m full for hours. They taste wonderful, my husband who is extremely picky when it comes to bars even enjoyed them!

  2. C


    Theses bars taste amazing, and would highly reccommend them!

  3. A

    Arti Munshi

    I found these bars to be perfect for my vegan sweet tooth. Great supplement to my diet. Given the high fiber content, I end up eating half a bar a day for breakfast (with a side of berries) and they keep me satiated for almost 3 hours! I ate the first two bars without heating them, however, I took the recommendation on the box and heated these bars and that completely changed my world! I highly recommend this bar.

  4. A

    Alexandria Phillips (verified owner)

    Hands down the best protein bar that I have ever eaten. Everyone in my family loves them. Even my teenage son!

  5. a

    amanda elmgren

    Really tasty. I bought the full variety pack with egg-white based bars, hydro-beef based bars and these and my husband and I decided these are the only ones of all of them that taste good.

  6. J

    J Bear (verified owner)

    My favorite of all protein bars from Julian Bakery. I like them as is, no heating necessary. Yummy and healthy!

  7. M


    These bars are soooo good. And the ingredients couldn’t be better. I can’t believe they’ve made such a wonderful truly paleo/vegan product that tastes so yummy. Hooked. Wish they were sold in stores.

  8. C


    Love them! I’m a fan of all of the plant based protein bars and these are towards the top of my list! These bars are the only ones I have found that fit all of my allergies and restrictions and the best part is is that they are truly delicious! I definitely recommend them as well as the other flavors of plant based protein bars and all other products!

  9. C

    Callie Fraser

    When will these be back in stock I’m a starving college student help lol

  10. S

    Sienna (verified owner)

    When will these finally be back in stock??????!!!!!

    • Julian Bakery, Inc.

      We hope in late Nov!

  11. L

    Leslie (verified owner)

    These are the BEST bars. Cannot wait until they are back.

  12. Jack Shultz

    When these get released again, will they be on Amazon as well?

    • Julian Bakery, Inc.

      In about a month on our website and Amazon.

  13. j

    jp.4 (verified owner)

    So happy you brought these & the pegan sunflower back.
    Now we need a pegan espresso!?

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Pegan Thin® Protein Bar Vanilla Cinnamon Twist, 12 Bars


(13 customer reviews)

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