Paleo Protein Pure (Unflavored Beef Protein) 2 Pack


Paleo Protein Pure (Beef Protein) Unflavored, perfect for smoothies and shakes, as a meal replacement or post-workout booster

2 2 lb Pouches for a total of 4 lbs


An all-new, ultra-convenient, zero-carb protein powder. Paleo Protein Pure (Beef Protein) (2 lbs Container)

Thousands of years ago your hunter-gatherer ancestors ate animals to stay strong and agile. Bodybuilders have long recognized the muscle-building power of beef for years.

Now all-new technology allows you to pack the power of beef into the convenience of a 100% Paleo protein supplement.

Introducing Paleo Protein Pure (Beef Protein): The zero-carb, dairy-free, soy-free protein supplement.

Taking protein powder to the next level, Paleo Protein Pure packs a mind-bending 28g of protein into a 30g serving… with only 112 calories and zero carbs!

Based on bovine serum albumin concentrate—an entirely new protein source only recently made available on a commercial scale.

Containing no allergens, bovine protein is an amazing alternative for those on dairy-, soy-, and/or egg-free diets.

Enhance your Lifestyle

  • Convenient powder form, ideal for on-the-go lifestyles
  • Perfect for smoothies and shakes, as a meal replacement or post-workout booster
  • Neutral taste, allowing you to flavor as you prefer
  • Curbs hunger and boosts energy
  • Great for weight management and muscle-building plans

Enhance your Nutrition

  • A complete protein, high in amino acids, necessary for anabolic muscle growth
  • Super low-fat and virtually no cholesterol
  • No antibiotics or hormones (i.e., tested free of those approved for use in beef)
  • Created with a proprietary, cold manufacturing process to maintain purity

Enhance your Muscles

  • Amino acid profile contains high levels of leucine, a potent activator of muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth).
  • Pure, pharmaceutical grade, ultra-concentrated protein.
  • Rich in naturally occurring, BioValuable growth factors and peptides.
  • Full of useable nutrients: measures 70% BioValuable (compared to a typical protein powder which is only 10% BioValuable).
  • Packed with measurable protein elements including growth factor, albumin, immunoglobulins.

Beef vs. Whey?

  • The protein and amino acid profile of Paleo Protein Pure provides unique benefits to amino acid status and metabolism.
  • Lab tests show Paleo Protein Pure is rapidly digested and absorbed, resulting in an increase in total plasma amino acids, including leucine.
  • Sophisticated research techniques have shown that leucine helps stimulate the cascade of biological events needed for muscle protein synthesis and growth. Recent research suggests that bovine serum albumin concentrate elevates leucine concentrations over a longer time post-ingestion, relative to whey.
  • Unlike whey (milk-derived) protein concentrate, bovine serum albumin concentrate is made of high molecular weight proteins.
  • Paleo Protein Pure has double the Immunoglobulin G of most whey proteins and six times the amount of albumin. It provides the perfect building blocks for albumin (protein) synthesis, which can help reduce the “burn” during workouts.

Mixing Instructions: Mix with your favorite organic almond or coconut milk + add your favorite Paleo Sweetener. (Also Mixes With Just Water)

There’s a reason old-school bodybuilders love to eat meat. Pack on pounds of Paleo muscle with dairy-free, soy-free, Paleo Protein Pure (Beef Protein).


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