Paleo Protein Bar® (Chocolate Mint)(Grass-Fed Beef)(2 Net Carbs)(12 Bars) - Julian Bakery

Paleo Protein Bar® (Chocolate Mint)(Grass-Fed Beef)(2 Net Carbs)(12 Bars)

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Paleo Protein Bar® (Chocolate Mint) ! 100% Paleo, Gluten-free,  (Egg Free), GMO-free, Grain-free, High-fiber, Dairy-free, Whey-free, No Sugar Alcohols, and High-protein.  All of our bars are 160 Calories or more with 20g of Protein.

Paleo Protein Bars made with the most bio-available proteins (Egg Or Beef Albumin), combined with carefully selected fibers, carbohydrates, and sweeteners, these bars are remarkably low in sugar, net carbs and total calories. Paleo Protein Bars contain Prebiotic Fiber (From Tapioca), (calorie) values of 1.2 and 2.4 calories per gram respectively, versus 4 calories per gram used for typical carbohydrates. Our IMO (Organic Prebiotic Fiber) is derived from Tapioca!

7 reviews for Paleo Protein Bar® (Chocolate Mint)(Grass-Fed Beef)(2 Net Carbs)(12 Bars)

  1. Michele Krile

    Yum! Finally, a healthy paleo bar that is my favorite flavor: Chocolate Mint!!!

  2. Lori Losch

    My absolute fave of the entire line-up of bars. So yum. 😃 And finally a bar made from grass fed beef and stevia! #perfection

  3. Susie Lee

    These rocked my world. Favorite of all the flavors !!!

  4. Tammy True (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with the Chocolate Mint! Great way to start your day!

  5. Thomas

    A health choice in terms of macros and ingredients! THANK YOU Julian Bakery!

    We need more products like this.

  6. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Why have they been out of stock for weeks now?

  7. Ashley

    These are delicious! I love the clean ingredients. When will they be back in stock?

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