Paleo Thin® and Primal Thin® Crackers (USDA Certified Organic)

Paleo Thin® & Primal Thin® Crackers Variety Pack, 2 Boxes

(20 customer reviews)

You deserve some crunch in life without worrying about gluten sensitivities and excess carbohydrates. Paleo Thin® and Primal Thin® Crackers are a perfect snack option for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And with the organic parmesan and salt and pepper flavors, you’ll keep those taste buds happy.

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Weight 1 lbs

Paleo Thin® Crackers Salt & Pepper

Filtered Water, Blanched Almond Flour, Cassava Flour, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Sea Salt

Primal Thin® Crackers Organic Parmesan

Organic Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Organic Cow's Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, and Enzymes), Organic Flax Seeds, Water, Organic Tapioca Flour, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Sea Salt

20 reviews for Paleo Thin® & Primal Thin® Crackers Variety Pack, 2 Boxes
  1. L

    LORENZO GEORGE WILSON (verified owner)

    It is essential for my dietary restrictions that you please confirm that your Julian Bakery paleo thin crackers DO NOT contain soy or eggs. Thank you. [email protected]

    • Julian Bakery, Inc.

      Correct! No soy or eggs.

  2. C

    Carolyn (verified owner)

    You have outdone yourselves! This is THE most delectable food I have had since beginning paleo. The crunch, the flavor is perfection.

  3. V

    Valerie Schupbach

    I am so glad I ordered these Primal Thin crackers! They are absolutely delicious and so satisfying. I have a new order in for more!

  4. M

    Megan (verified owner)

    Wow! OK, I just received my first shipment of your Primal Thin Organic Parmesan Crackers and I love them. I have been craving a crunchy, low carb KETO cracker and these are DELICIOUS!

  5. E

    Elle Hanks (verified owner)

    I’ve tried quite a few low carb/ Keto crackers. None have been anywhere near this good!!!

  6. K


    Superb (organic cheddar flavor). I will try a te flavors with guacamole, tuna salad, crab dip…. the possibilities are delicious.

  7. L

    Laura (verified owner)

    Amazing! These crackers are so crisp, crunchy and flavorful. They pair perfectly with all toppings. I am so glad I found them.

  8. M


    After two months on Keto, I’ve died and gone to heaven These are really great!!!! Just pricey. 🤨

  9. M

    Mary (verified owner)

    Love these Keto crackers! Great with any cheese or salsa. Satisfies my need for crunch and amazing flavor!

  10. M

    Marilee (verified owner)

    These crackers, both types, are without a doubt the best Keto appropriate cracker I’ve tasted, and believe me, as a fan of crisp and savory foods, I’ve been trying. I just wish they weren’t so expensive. I hoard them for myself and won’t let my non-keto friends eat them. Their loss, my gain.

  11. T

    Tonia Ickes (verified owner)

    Both of these flavors are awesome! I’m not sure which is my favorite! I wish they were a little more affordable though.

  12. R


    I just received my two boxes of the salt & pepper and I really like them.

  13. l

    lilymoon7 (verified owner)

    These crackers are delicious! It’s hard to find good crackers for the keto diet, so I was thrilled when I saw these. Both are really good, I may slightly prefer the Parmesan. I will be reordering these for sure.

  14. l


    OMG! These crackers are so delicious……I am reordering more so I don’t run out…..SOOOOO GOOD.

  15. G

    Gail (verified owner)

    Both of these crackers are so delicious! Love them both. Very yummy when spread with my grass-fed black truffle butter. To die for. Please don’t ever stop making these crackers 👍👍😎

  16. w


    I ordered these crackers and I just love them. I have missed crackers and this completely fills the bill. They are crispy and crunchy and so flavorful. I was afraid they would be bland tasting but they are probably the best cracker I have ever tasted. I will be re ordering these for sure! Thanks for taking care of my need for crunch with these!

  17. K

    Kelly (verified owner)

    Just received the crackers. Tried the Primal and I know I will never be without these again! They are so good and I have so missed crackers! SOOO GOOD!

  18. M

    Megan Gardiner

    Ok, Julian Bakery, get with the program. These crackers are the best thing to happen to Paleo and Keto since….well, I don’t know what. And you KEEP RUNNING OUT OF THEM. You must figure out how to make more! Stop running out! It takes WEEKS to get them. This is not good! Stop lying on the beach and get to work! Make a bigger factory! You can clean up with this product, and make happy campers besides! Thank you!

    • Julian Bakery, Inc.

      Thank you for the kind feedback and in fact we are tripling our capacity right now and have added new equipment to ensure
      we never run out again! We should be stocked up in the next couple of weeks!

  19. E

    Elizabeth Serotte

    Yummy! Really, really good. You can feed these to your friends and not let them know that they are eating something paleo. But please don’t. They are back ordered right now. I don’t want to have to compete with anyone to get more of them.

  20. D

    Dani Dahlberg

    Just now trying the organic parmesan. OMG – they are sooooooo good!! Love them and I will definitely be purchasing more of these!!

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Paleo Thin® & Primal Thin® Crackers Variety Pack, 2 Boxes

(20 customer reviews)


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