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Paleo Thin® Noodles, Rice, Fettuccine, Variety 6 Pack

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This is what started the Paleo Thin® Noodle revolution …

  • Vegan, no fat, cholesterol, sugar, starch, soy, gluten, or wheat!
  • Made of naturally water soluble fiber called Glucomannan
  • Easily absorbs the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce
  • Simply season the noodles and add your favorite protein and be full for hours! 
  • Curbs appetite and cravings
  • Easy to make just boil water

Why are Organic Paleo Thin® Noodles So Healthy?

The answer to this questions lies in understanding the role of fiber in our diets. The soluble fiber found in our noodle slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness, which is an essential part of any weight loss program.

This slowing of digestion has a second benefit– it allows your body to absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.


  • Made of naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, or starch.
  • Easily absorbs the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce.
  • Contains one net carbohydrates and zero calories, no gluten -made of a healthy natural fiber called Glucomannan.
  • Have shown beneficial effects backed by medical studies for Type II Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, and Cholesterol!
  • Wheat & gluten free and kosher.
  • Phase 1 IKDiet Compliant

1 review for Paleo Thin® Noodles, Rice, Fettuccine, Variety 6 Pack

  1. Lauren N. (verified owner)

    Love these reminds me of Shirataki Noodles except these are made from Organic Plant Fiber…..pretty cool but they are flavorless so I add the paleo seasoning or salt / salsa / protein.

    They definitely curb my appetite!

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