Z | InstaKetones® (Orange)(Organic Caffeine)(11.7g BHB)(30 Servings)

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(30 Servings) 1.16 Lbs Per Pouch. I am so excited to introduce this product as it has been a true game changer in helping me reach my ideal weight and maintain it. Within 30 minutes it literally increases my measurable blood ketone level up to 2 points+. Notice a dramatic increase in  endurance, mental clarity, and fat loss when you pair this product with a Keto or IKDiet.com style of  eating.

Ingredients: (Organic Caffeine Version) Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Amino Acid Blend (L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine), Calcium, Sodium, Citric Acid, Orange Extract, Lou Han Guo, (Monk Fruit), PurCaf® Organic Caffeine (From Green Coffee Bean). 11.7g BHB per Scoop w/100mg Caffeine.  

Important Note: Our Ketones (BHB) for this product are made by of one of the original inventors (Which Means They Really Work!) Our ketones are licensed under two U.S. Patent Numbers: US009138420B2  & US006613356B1


  • 11.7g
  • 30
  • 100mg
    Organic Caffeine
  • 1g
  • 1
    Net Carbs*

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*Net Carbs are calculated by subtracting Fiber from Total Carbohydrates.


I am so excited to introduce InstaKetones® with GoBHB® as it has been a true game-changer in helping me reach and maintain my ideal weight. Within 30 minutes of consumption my measurable blood ketone levels increase up to 2 points+. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in sustained energy, endurance,  and mental clarity that have developed a leaner, more sculpted look as my body is burns fat as fuel when combined with the free food and exercise plan here: IKDiet.com

Ingredients:  (Organic Caffeine Version) Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Amino Acid Blend (L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine), Calcium, Sodium, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor, Lou Han Guo, (Monk Fruit), Beta Carotene (Color) PurCaf® Organic Caffeine (From Green Coffee Bean). 11.7g BHB per Scoop w/100mg Organic Caffeine (Derived From Organic Green Coffee Extract).  

Get 11.7g of GoBHB® bound to calcium & sodium to replenish vital electrolytes that are depleted when consuming exogenous ketones in each scoop! 

Looking to add or change the flavor or sweetness? No problem choose from over 16 sweeteners & flavors (All Keto) (Click Here)

**Important Note: To set the flavor pour 8oz of water then add InstaKetones then add 8oz unsweetened Coconut or Almond. (Exogenous ketones deplete the body of sodium so we bind our ketones to sodium to replenish this vital electrolyte.) 

Licensed under two U.S. Patents so you know they really work.

Do you have questions about how Exogenous Ketones Work? Click here for our FAQ

Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size 1 Scoop (17.5g)
  • Servings Per Container 30
Calories 45 Calories from Fat 0
%Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0 %
Cholesterol 0g 0 %
Sodium 1.3g 54 %
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0 %
Protein 0g 0 %
Beta Hydroxybutyrate 11.7g
Calcium 1.1g 115 %
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

4 reviews for Z | InstaKetones® (Orange)(Organic Caffeine)(11.7g BHB)(30 Servings)

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    I feel instaketones works better than the mlm competition. I mix it with about 8 ounces of prepared unsweetened tropical punch flavored kool aid, and it tastes like slightly salty hawaiian punch. I do hope that someday (soon) the instaketones are available in chocolate flavor, but this works and the price is much better (1/2 the price) than any other brand I’ve found.

  2. Jill

    ok… I was EXTREMELY skeptical about this product.. what I haven’t tried to stop the low-carb headaches and hunger pangs that are ever present with those first days of the diet.

    First day- no headache- no hunger pangs- no lethargy!! Now on day 4 and it’s better than I could hope for. Even if there is no increased weight loss, (which it hasn’t been long enough yet to gauge that..) just the fact that any sickness I would feel by cutting sugars has been lessened/eliminated. I’ve already recommended InstaKetones to my lifestyle changing friends!

  3. Jennifer

    Love love love !!!!! Feel amazing!!!

  4. Lindsay Aho

    So.much.energy! I really noticed it when one day I forgot to take it before the gym and I was a completely different person! Love how this helps me feel and perform in the gym. Not sure about ketosis or weight loss as I don’t weigh myself or guage my ketones but for energy alone, I love!

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