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Paleo, Primal, & Pegan Thin Variety Pack, 12 Bars

Sample some our favorite flavors from Paleo Thin, Primal Thin, and Peagan Thin Protein Bars. You’ll receive two bars of six different flavors.

10 reviews for Paleo, Primal, & Pegan Thin Variety Pack, 12 Bars
  1. J


    Best bars ever!!

  2. C


    Orange burst is really flavorful.

  3. N


    I love the bars and I am ordering more today. I have found that if I microwave the bars for 10 to 15 seconds then cut them up into bite size pieces they are even more delicious!

  4. A


    Love the Vanilla Cinnamon twist!!! Wish came in own set

  5. V

    Vicki Lewis (verified owner)

    Love these products

  6. G


    I ordered an assortment of flavors. It took 2 days to arrive and I warmed up the bars as it stated on the box for an even softer, more flavorful gooey treat….they totally curb my appetite!

  7. d


    They are amazing. My shipment included a cookie dough flavor which is also awesome! Some of the chocolate flavors were awesome also! They really curb appetite and I love warming them up!

  8. g


    For nutritional value–high protein and awesome taste, the best bars around!! I can’t eat any other–only these–life saving discovery! Also, yes to slightly warming–I just keep in my poicket for 10 minutes and they’re perfect!

  9. J


    These bars are amazing omg. Genuinely some of the best ones I’ve tried and definitely better than quest or any of the leading brands in my opinion.

  10. S


    These bars are amazing! The best tasting ones that I’ve ever tried! They are also some of the lowest in carbs and sugar that I’ve ever found! Try the dark chocolate bars, also! They are great for someone on Keto, who wants something sweet – a great treat! I’ve tried pretty much all of their products, and have nothing but good things to say! The orange burst Ketones are a great way to drink your water first thing in the mornings, on an empty stomach – It helps you to burn more fat! You wont be disappointed! The only suggestion that I would make, is to offer ALL flavors of the protein bars the be sold outside of the combo pack! 🙂

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Paleo, Primal, & Pegan Thin Variety Pack, 12 Bars


(10 customer reviews)

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